About me

I was born in Manaus, now living in Rio de Janeiro. I’m an Applied Mathematics undergraduate at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), senior year. My main academic interests are algebra, logic, functional Programming and computation theory. I program since 13, when I started my vocational-technical high school at Nokia Foundation (now Mathias Machline Foundation). I speak portuguese as my first language, and also speak english.

I’ve worked as a systems’ analyst, teaching assistant, and lecturer of programming courses. Currently, I work at a consulting firm that specializes at applying econometric models to optimize business. You can find more details about my educational background and career path on my resumé. I also do private tutoring.

Personally, I’m interested in electronic music (now addicted to synthwave). I appreciate art-house cinema and have a particular interest in iranian and chinese movies. I also like cooking, urban transportation, and (unfortunately, maybe) non-fiction and technical books, only. I identify myself as a classical liberal with progressive views on cultural themes. My routine is described in a very detailed fashion at my twitter.